Montag, 27. Juni 2016


Remuneration for legal services


A subject which must be clarified right at the beginning of the mandate. Due to this, we clarify the costs right at the outset. You therefore receive a detailed cost estimate from us during our first meeting. We also review in detail claims for reimbursement against your opponent or your legal insurance protection.

Attorney fees are often overestimated:

Like all attorneys, we generally bill our remuneration according to the Attorneys’ Fees Act. For you this means advice and representation by experienced specialists on usual terms. If you have a legal insurance protection with compulsory subrogation, then this insurance shall bear the costs. We will also assist you with the management of your legal insurance protection.

In derogation from the legal provisions of the Attorneys’ Fees Act, diverging fee models may be agreed case-by-case. For example, a time-dependent fee based on an hourly rate or a flat rate is conceivable.


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